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Friday, January 17, 2020
17 Jan 3:06pm Wiggles singer Greg Page has cardiac arrest at bushfire relief show
Greg Page, a founder and original lead singer of the children's group, collapsed in Sydney.
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17 Jan 12:49pm Manchester mayor criticises Eminem for rap about Ariana Grande gig bomb
Andy Burnham calls the rap about the 2017 attack "unnecessarily hurtful and deeply disrespectful".
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17 Jan 9:31am Updated Eminem criticised for lyric about bomb at Ariana Grande gig
"What you said was hurtful to so many people," fans tell the rapper after hearing his latest lyrics.
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17 Jan 7:24am Derek Fowlds: Yes Minister and Heartbeat actor dies aged 82
The actor played Bernard in Yes Minister and was in the entire series of Heartbeat.
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17 Jan 3:41am Grammys chief removed 10 days before ceremony over misconduct allegation
Deborah Dugan is placed on leave following an allegation of misconduct.
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